When it comes to consumerism, we have almost completely lost the connection with the noble purpose of 'work' and the financial reward define with 'money'. 
When we first decided to create our own brand, we decided something had to change in the way we purchase. That change had to start with the product itself.

The market is saturated with low quality products with high mark-ups and persuasive advertising. Especially in fashion and Luxury. The pillars on which modern economy is based - cheaper, faster, better, more - have  contributed to lowering quality standards and making everything available at all times.

What if we can use technology to create beautiful products, made to order in a reasonable amount of time, cutting the middle man and using functional design to make their construction simple yet functional?
Why not?

Most of our time is spent on research, whether looking to improve the aesthetic of our products or finding better and more efficient way to manufacture them.
Our goal is to build a sustainable brand.
We not only cut the middle man to ensure the highest value for quality, we also make sure we don't add additional unnecessary costs like advertising, distributors, representatives and retail fees.

All our leathers are imported from Veneto and Tuscany (Italy). All our products are made with a single portion of leather coming from one individual hide. 
We individually select Grade A leathers as our creations demand our hides to be absolutely pristine - no scratches, markings or defects. Any imperfection on the raw material would show on the final products. That means we use adult cow hides who have been treated humanely and show no scars or signs of abuse.

We do not create product stock. This means order smaller quantities of leather, limit product waste and only use what's needed. Our vendors are hand picked among the best available on the market.